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Here you will find the works of Steven John Lister: story teller, lyricist, essayist, artist, vocalist and musician. Please use the above links to navigate the site. There are free downloads of some of his works as well as links to published materials and collaborations with other artists. Check out the biography page for the story of Steven John Lister.

Latest News


07-31-16 New posts on BLOG

05-06-16 Psychic Crisis is a big topic on the BLOG In order to reach a wider audience who do not read blogs, visit forums or chat rooms, Steve has created a You Tube Channel called SCHIZOPHRENIA in which he will put up custom video blogs, exposes, interviews with experts, and documentaries on the subject of Schizophrenia & Psychosis and the relationship to Psychic Crisis & Spiritual Emergence \ Emergency. The first video is in production now.

03-24-16 New posts on BLOG

03-17-16 New posts on BLOG

01-22-16 Corrections made to Writings page. New posts on BLOG

11-01-15 BLOG Redesign previous posts easily accessed.

10-26-15 MUSIC page updated.

10-21-15 WEBSITE LIVE AND PUBLIC (until it needs to be renewed again ;) !

10-14-15 BLOG Revised for new focus.

09-24-15 Biography Updated.

09-06-15 New posts on BLOG

07-21-15 Music Section remodeled and updated.

04-01-15 Steve's Ebook, Shadows and Tall Trees, just published to Barnes & Noble Nook ... read about it here

03-30-15 Steve's Ebook, Shadows and Tall Trees, just published to Amazon Kindle ... read about it here and get a copy (Barnes and Noble 'Nook' version will be available soon!)

03-22-15 MUSIC section up dated .... Some more recordings will be posted sometime this coming week.

02-02-15 Word press blog links changed. Site updated. New posts in the BLOG .

01-31-15 Private version of website goes up. Working on getting blog linked and update of the site.

06-11-14 THIS WEBISTE WILL BE GOING OFF LINE IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS MONTH due to a lack of funds to keep it up. Thank you for visiting.

05-02-14 New post about chronic psychosis (schizophrenia) on the BLOG .

04-01-14 New and forth coming movie reviews on the BLOG .

03-20-14 Welcome page updated on the BLOG New rules for signing up to comment

02-25-14 New posts and a page added to the BLOG

01-03-14 Book Review: 'Rethinking Madness', by Paris Williams, PhD on BLOG Remember to post a comment after reading.

11-24-13 The beginning of Steve's multipart series on the topic of "Psychosis" on the BLOG .

11-17-13 New book reviews on the BLOG .

06-25-13 Writings section updated with stories ready for publication and works in progress.

06-24-13 Migration done. New post in BLOG .

06-17-13 Switched to a different host. Editing and uploading. Please be patient during this transition.

06-04-13 Kevin (the bass player from Leap of Faith) found some garage demo recordings of all of us playing my tunes, they are posted in the Music section. They sound pretty good for 15 year old cassette recordings. Blog has recent posts too.

04-15-13 Updated music section. Song snippets are all in mp3 format and should play on most devices. New blog posts.

01-26-13 Obviously the site is still up. An error with the host indicated that it would be shut down, but that has been resolved.

01-13-13 The blog continues to have posts made to it despite the possibility of both it and this website going off line. Stop by and read the latest.

01-09-13 This web site will be going off line due to funding issues January 19, 2013.

12-21-12 Well, the world has not ened, but an update to the blog software failed. Blog completely re-installed.

12-17-12 Blog updated with new theme.

12-04-12 Site updated.

09-15-12 The Writings section has been updated with 3 story synopsises. Take a look.

07-07-12 The "Lyrics" link has been replaced with a "blog" link; only links in the music section will show lyrics.

07-07-11 Biography updated with an important event.

07-03-12 New seies about alternative psych treatments on blog BLOG

06-09-12 New book and film reviews on BLOG

11-15-11 Blog now avaialable HERE

08-28-11 Added Ecology Badge on home page.

07-01-11 Entire website reworked. Navigation bar implemented and banner put in place on all pages.

06-26-11 Completed loading the site with pages and files

06-22-11 This website came into existence! beginning of loading of basic site structure.

06-21-11 Domain name registered and web host aquired.

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